Instagram Promotion & Automation

Instagram promotion is possible without big budgets. Make promo strategy, use proper automation tools, collect knowledge and analyze. Your own marketing, PR and communication can promote your Instagram to the tops

Brand setup: Get your account ready

Welcome to the Instagram world!

It won’t be a surprise if I would tell you again simple stuff that you have heard before million of times: first, decide what is the target of your profile, whom you want to attract and what they will be interested to see. Make sure your account name and profile image reflect what your target audience is searching for.

Description of the account is something that will define the decision of users to follow your or not, ones who will “hook up” on your description text will follow the link in the headline and follow. That’s your main “action text” here.

Web address in the account headline is definitively your main sale action – use it to sell products or subscription if it is your main target with this account or use it to collect the contact database.

Marketing: Plan content and tags

No one will follow the account without content, make sure you have pre-filled it with a relevant content. Your content should be something your Instagram target audience would expect in order to become loyal and new audience will like. Content is not only posts but also stories.

Photos are the main communication tool but don’t forget about text, tags and location tags. Text must be short but informative, preferably to convince people to react – place a question or ask for a response. Location tag will increase the natural growth of your audience of users who search by the location – it is a huge percentage of all users.

Tags are essential before you reach a solid amount of users and able to use promotion through other more expensive channels. Of course, you could compose your tags yourself but it will not give you any efficiency. Some apps can auto-generate tags for your Instagram based on the content, but I haven’t seen any single one giving you expected result – they give you the same kind of hashtags you would write yourself.

Another way to get your Instagram tags that will be more efficient is to use apps that pick hashtags by the keyword. I went through dozens of them and the only one with a moderate result was Focalmark ( You can define the topics of your posts, location, even camera type and get the configurable and useful list of tags. Just copy and use, that’s it.

Communication: Automate and schedule

Your communication with a client, even on Instagram, starts with an outlook of your profile, landing page behind the action URL in the description and of course responses on the messages.

To keep the communication alive and grow it you have to feed your users’ attention with a relevant content. Now you have photos, tags and all other stuff, but most probably you will need a little bit of help to automate this process and increase discipline. While the professionals will use something affordable and efficient for all channels including social media and email, like Digimoto (, you can think about other channels later, after establishing the main one.

There are some tools targeted for Instagram promotion, through the wide range of them – few got my attention.
For example, “Plans!” is the iOS app that will nicely help you to stick to the schedule – remind the time, show the preview of your future feed and fill in the content into the clipboard. You could find a lot of these apps – I use this one, but there are Latergram and ton of similar application with small differences.

In my eyes, remembering the time to post is not equally important as knowing the best time, measure performance and – there is one more important detail. If professional agencies will just plan content, deliver it by schedule and keep answering users by template – accounts start to use “plastic” – organised, non-personified and boring at the end. More important is to have a plan for posts, but always being able to post something actual, current and vivid – without disturbing your regular planned frequency of updates. Instagram promotion app that I use for this is shown in the next part.

PR: Analyse your results and collaborate

When communication is set, content is delivered – it is time to look around and see how efficient these all steps were. You need statistics of your followers, likes, comments as the input and best post timing, efficient hashtags and tips for your strategy as the output.

I use UNUM ( to plan the posts, to check the statistics and to preview my page. All-in-one, it is missing only the scheduler. This promotion tool gives you pocket where you can spare content, handy collection of the sets of your hashtags, inbuilt editor, a preview of you feed and handy sharing function.

Once you’ve got your analytics and handy tools, upgrade to the next level and think few steps ahead, without dropping the schedule and quality of previous efforts. Next step is to plan your promotion through related highly ranked profiles, ads, collaborations and cooperation with mutual benefits.

I hope you’ll succeed with your Instagram promotion! Let’s keep in touch and collaborate 🙂

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