3,4 mln EUR goes to Titus Coin ICO during 7 days

Titus Cryptocurrency

Titus Coin was recently presented in 2017, same as many other coins. But there is a set of important differences between Titus Coin and other Bitcoin based cryptocurrencies.

Titus Coin is the first cryptocurrency backed up by EUR with payback guarantee, supporting instant transactions and developing merchant solution that does have all the benefits of the real world currency and flexibility of the cryptocurrency.

Titus Coin is founded by Titus Invest Ltd from Malta, but all the funds are in the Swedish law field, under EU and Swedish regulations of the financial market. Titus Invest Ltd is managed by startup and management professional Maxim Moneta, based in Stockholm. Swedish and Ukrainian software development and security teams spent thousands of hours on the development of the smooth and secure process of instant improvement of the coin and the infrastructure around it.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The first tranche of the ICO has started on Sunday, the 15th of October and after 7 days  has attracted 3 387 827 Euro. Titus Coin is not using Ethereum for the Initial Coin Offering, that’s why can’t be found on any ICO tracker, but has flexible payment options, provided by trusted partners.

Coin backed up with fiat money gives a chance to see the real cryptocurrency for e-commerce and cross-border payments in action. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Titus Coin features

  • Instant Payments
  • EUR Backed Currency With Lowered Volatility And Instant Conversions
  • Merchant Settlement In Fiat Currency If Wanted
  • User-Friendly App Based Payments And Merchant Dynamic Marketing Systems.
  • Low Merchant Transaction Fees
  • No Merchant Risk For Chargeback Claims

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