Smart cooking in the smart oven

Internet of Things (the glorious IoT) has dropped by some time ago. Manufacturers claim that the pot has never changed since the currently used materials have started to be used. But that’s not true. For the last decade, multicookers have taken over a numerous set of devices – slow cookers, pressure cookers, electrical table ovens etc. All in one device with a plenty of different modes and setups is very handy. But since the electronic devices are much smarter and easier to control with modern UX approach and capacities, there was a need for the new way to control it – hello IoT.

Bunch of new startups like June oven, Tovala and others have joined the race and connected their ovens, coolers, pots and other magic creations to WiFi added the mobile app on top and set the price tag of hundreds of USD per item. I was not in rush to buy those, but what was expected to happen – more industry standard brands were pushed and convinced to develop their own IoT smart kitchen devices.

Now is a cool part – Crock Pot has added the interface for their premium slow cookers, brands like Samsung, Whirpool and Electrolux have added IoT basically everywhere they could in the premium range of their products. I can’t wait till IoT will be in every white product by a standard. Electrolux, by the way, is super active in Sweden in their collaboration with IT & startup community and of course chefs. I have been on their “Dream kitchen” – it is a magic!

Now what we have – you could choose the dish via the menu in the mobile app, get a tip from the recipe, get temperature, mode and time set – that’s a lot of routines avoided. If oven could even flip the meat! The only thing I am still missing there is a camera to see how ready is my dish.

Bon appetite with the Internet of Things!

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