Facebook for Business

Facebook has been monetizing big data for a long time and gets even more intense with every update. Let’s name things according to the meaning big data is your private data, all your actions online – social media, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other platforms, all your purchases and likes, everything you do online – all your cookies, bookmarks and underwear purchased online – everything is logged. We know that big brother is watching us.

Big data was helping out brands and companies to effectively reach a new and existing audience and the most common way to do it was “Promote Post” button on Facebook. And Instagram recently has joined the game, since they use the same platform and targeting methods.

Facebook decided to change this, so the small business can’t spend money on social media without the help of consultants who could understand how the monster tool of Business Facebook is working. Luckily in the Digimoto digital marketing platform, that we have been part of in development, has made a step forward to solve that problem and add the “Promote” button back!

There are few more tools that concentrate on solving the problem – the mission is to avoid the Facebook tool, which is low functional, messy and takes a lot of time, but those tools are still to complex for the regular use, who is not a professional in social media or marketing.

Good luck with your online advertisement, reach your goals and get the revenues to create the new innovative and successful business.

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